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LRF Alaska

Alaska is such a beautiful dog inside and out. We brought Alaska to our farm when she was a puppy and have been in love ever since. Having 5 kiddos and people on and off our farm, temperament is of utmost importance.

She will run up to you and flop to the ground expecting tummy rubs. She loves giving hugs and is a gentle soul. When Alaska has her litters she welcomes our kids in the whelping box with her and the puppies. With Alaska's gentle side comes her fierce guarding instinct. She is very aware of what is going on at all times and is amazing with her charges, no matter what they are.  

SWF Karma


We brought Karma to our farm when she was just a baby. We loved the fact that she is a higher percentage Anatolian, she is a beautiful color and her parents are amazing LGD's. 

Karma is amazing with our children and all of our livestock. Very laid back but always on the look out. 

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