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Our Colorado Mountain Dogs



Our CMD's are purposefully bred for predictability of temperament paired with fierce guarding instincts.

Our CMD's have been carefully hand selected and our breeding program developed to ensure great temperaments and working abilities.

 Puppies are socialized with young children and exposed to goats, horses, and poultry. They leave here at 12 weeks started with livestock.




What is a Colorado Mountain Dog?


A CMD is a breed in development. The CMD breed also has a single founding stud, CNK Caspian. Caspian's traits have been carefully selected and maintained, as new genetics come in, using the domestic line breeding formulas of Dr. Jay Lush, father of modern domestic animal genetics.

The CMD was founded by Wendy Francisco, who is the genetic director of the CMDR.

The CMD is not a specific breed cross. Foundation stock are selected by function and build, in that order. Function includes health, guarding aptitudes, and temperament.

Colorado Mountain Dogs and the CMDR were recognized as a breed by ARBA in 2018. They are now coast to coast.



For more information or  to be considered for one of our working prospects, please Email us by clicking the link below.










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